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We are happy to advise you. No matter what topic comes up in day-to-day business. In a format that suits to your personality, your team and your company. For example, as part of individual personal coaching or in a creative team workshop.



Use our expertise for solid HR work. Set up, act professional and reflect. No matter what stage you’re at with your HR work, we pick up right there and support you with the issues you’re dealing with in an in-depth, hands-on, practical and discreet manner.

We advise you on various areas of HR management such as:

  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Career paths for lawyers
  • HR development
  • HR evaluation
  • Reward systems
  • HR controlling


M&A /
finance recruiting

As Christian Medved puts it: “The key is to come to a realisation and to have the will to develop a company in a substantial and, in many cases, non-linear manner. Purchasing or selling a company as well as integrating or spinning off parts of companies requires a complex procedure. The present “track record” ensures that you perform the right activities as best possible. We offer you comprehensive consulting from start (market analysis) to finish (conclusion of the transaction).

  • Market studies and competitor structures are assessed and analysed in line with the goal
  • Finding a target, approaching them and analysing their potential
  • Letter of intent: Structuring activities (numerous participants) and timeline
  • Due diligence, business valuation(s), contractual negotiations with a BNA focus (best negotiated alternative).
  • Assessing requirements and restrictions in terms of competition law early on and evaluating goal-oriented proposals in order to make the transaction possible; get it done!
  • Integration management: the best of both cultures in the long run



In many cases, this involves restructuring parts of a company. Doubling or shut down of production or packaging capacities, positioning of production and sales for your company on new continents (diversification), these are all considerable challenges. And challenges like these don’t come along every day, which is why this kind of expertise you need is often not present in one’s own company. Extensive experience is the basis, proven success gives your company the assurance and/or a solid “2nd opinion”. When major change is the order of the day, supplementing in-house expertise with external know-how is the epitome of responsible action in business.

  • 70 M&A transactions, value +/- 2 billion Euro, regions: 6 continents
  • 200 factories, bottling stations and plantations
  • Plantation expertise: apples, bananas, berries, vegetables, herbs and exotic fruits
  • Construction of new production sites and/or closure of factories at the end of the production cycle
  • Introduction of innovative new packaging solutions, particularly with a focus on sustainability and optimised environmental relevance
  • Setup and/or optimisation of logistical distribution hubs

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